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Elder Law

Elder Law


A different set of estate planning issues face seniors and adults with disabilities as they age.  The area of Elder Law focuses on planning for long-term medical costs, Medicaid qualification and protecting assets which have been accumulated over the years.  Elder Law also involves the establishment of legal documents to address incapacity such as Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and Living Wills.  Without these documents, a court appointed guardian may need to be appointed to serve on your behalf which can be costly.


Guerra TWP can assist you in structuring long-term plans before a crisis occurs to protect you and your family from unforeseen financial difficulty.  We also educate family members and caregivers regarding the care alternatives for the elder. 


Additionally, trust structures can be implemented to legally protect and preserve your assets from constantly increasing nursing home costs and other long-term care expenses.  With nursing homes costing over $10,000 per month, without proper planning, your estate can be quickly diminished with no assets remaining for costs not otherwise covered by Medicaid and no assets to be left to family members.  With proper planning for Protection from Long-Term Care Expenses, a portion of your assets may be protected and preserved for the benefit of your loved ones.

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