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Navigating the Future of Estate Planning

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Boca Raton, FL and Manhattan Beach, CA

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Providing creative tax and wealth planning strategies in an ever-changing economic and political landscape

GuerraTWP Tax Plannging

Guerra Tax and Wealth Planning, PA

Guerra TWP assists high net worth individuals, business owners and their families in the establishment of trusts and business entities designed to:

  1. Minimize and/or eliminate income and estate taxes;

  2. Maximize wealth protection; and

  3. Enhance the disposition of assets to avoid probate, facilitate proper business succession and reduce the likelihood of future conflict.

To accomplish these goals, Guerra TWP creates protective entity structures, corporate entities for Qualified Small Business Stock income tax benefits, charitable trusts, dynasty trusts, life insurance trusts, foreign and domestic asset protection trusts, and also assists in leveraged gifting transactions for estate tax minimization.

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