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Estate Planning

Estate Planning


We understand that estate planning can seem daunting, but a properly structured estate plan can provide you and your family with peace of mind.  Without a plan in place, your loved ones could face adverse legal and financial problems, and they may only receive a fraction of the anticipated inheritance due to taxes and costs of administration. 


Guerra TWP will help you create an individualized plan that is aligned with your financial goals, minimizes taxes and other costs, and provides security for your family.  We work with domestic and international clients and their families covering a vast range of estate planning structures.

Many times, clients will establish a Will, a Revocable Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Directive, Living Will and HIPAA Authorization and Release.  Clients may also establish one or more Irrevocable Trusts designed to minimize income and/or estate taxes and provide increased wealth protection.

We first educate you concerning the laws applicable to you in your state and the various alternatives available to you.  We then help you and your family understand the manner which such alternatives operate and the tax and non-tax benefits of each alternative.  Finally, we work with your accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and other advisors to implement and administer the optimal plan.


We also work with business and corporate clients to assist in proper business succession planning, insurance planning and retirement planning.  We prepare Shareholder’s Agreements, Operating Agreements and other entity documentation designed to facilitate the proper ongoing management of each business and to minimize future disputes.

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