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Probate and Trust Administration

Probate and Trust Administration

At Guerra TWP, we have a wealth of experience in probate and estate administration in Florida, New York and California.  We also assist trustees in the administration of complex irrevocable trusts.  We are well versed in working with clients and their families during periods of grief and our goal is to make the process simple and streamlined.

“Probate” is a court administered process whereby a decedent’s individually held assets are distributed to either the beneficiaries identified under a Will or through the intestacy laws (when no valid Will exists).  


We can assist with the following aspects of probate and trust administration:


1. Representing personal representatives/executors in connection with the administration of estates and/or trustees in connection with the administration of trusts;

2. Obtaining valuation of estate assets;

3. Retitling of estate assets, including distribution to estate beneficiaries;

4. Analyzing whether state and/or federal estate taxes are due;

5. Preparing and filing state and federal estate and inheritance tax returns;

6. Preparing disclaimers and handling postmortem tax planning;

7. Representing estate beneficiaries to ensure they are receiving what they are entitled to under the law;

8. Assisting with estate disputes among beneficiaries; and

9. Minimizing ongoing income taxes with respect to the income generated by trust assets as well as generation skipping-transfer taxes through creative and sophisticated tax planning strategies.

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